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Canon 5D Mark II with Wooden Camera Cage

Sony A7S Mark II with Wooden Camera Cage and Metabones EF adapter X2

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Zeiss by Contax all fitted for Canon EF mount, with seamless follow focus gears and step rings all 82mm

135mm F2

100mm F2 

85mm F1.4 

50mm F1.4 

45mm F2.8

35mm F1.4 

28mm F2 

25mm F2.8

21mm F2.8

15mm F3.5

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Cannon Lens with step up ring 82mm and seamless follow focus and zoom gears

50mm L series prime F1.2

24mm - 105mm L series zoom with image stabilization F4

70mm -200mm II L series zoom with image stabilization F2.8


B+W Digital MRC F-Pro 82mm ND 0.3

B+W Digital MRC F-Pro 82mm ND 0.6

B+W Digital MRC F-Pro 82mm ND 0.9

B+W Digital MRC F-Pro 82mm ND 1.8

B+W Digital MRC F-Pro 82mm ND 3.0

B+W Digital MRC F-Pro 82mm Circular-Pol

Yashica lenses all fitted for Canon EF mount, with follow focus gears

300mm F5.6 

135mm F2.8 

80mm - 200mm zoom F4

55mm (marco) F4

50mm F1.9 x2

28mm F2.8

15mm (fish eye) F2.8

X4 adapter

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Accessories & Rigging

DJI Ronin with wireless thumb controller, PD Movie wired focus, and monitor arm

Cinevate 36" Hedron slider with Dromos (high hat board included) mounting bowl, fly wheel and counter weight add on

Cinevate 32" Duzi slider with Modo Motion, Grip Reacher and Manfrotto head

15mm rod system with shape grips and counter weight 

Tilta follow focus x2

Wooden zip focus x2

Small HD 703 Ultra Bright

Atomos Ninja Flame with cage x2

Ikan D7W 7" monitor

Marshall 7” monitor 

Sachtler Flowtech FSB 6 x2

Manfrotto 75mm 504HD fluid head with sticks X2

Opteka shoulder rig with counter weight and L-shaped grip 

Zacuto Z-Finder 

V-Mount Batteries x12

Vello wireless intervelometer 


Zoom H6

Zoom H4N with cold shoe adapter 

Zoom H1 with lav x2

Sennheiser wireless lav x2

Sennheiser shotgun mic and boom pole

Countryman wired lav 

C - Stands x6


Light Panel 6X Astra Bi Color with V Mount Plate X2

Impact 3 light kit (1500)