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(references & links upon request)


Sellout (2012 -), an art show series (writer, producer, director, cinematographer, editor)

Brad Cole (2012 -), musician managing and playing in multiple bands (producer, director, cinematographer, editor)

Erin Durant (2014 -), solo musician (director, cinematographer, editor) 

The Feminist Press (2014 -), a non-for-profit publishing house (producer, director, cinematographer, editor)

Atlantic TV (2015 -) a nation wide independent production and crewing company (camera operator, camera assistant) 

Digital Trends (2015 -) online tech magazine (cinematographer, director, editor)

NST Pictures (2015 -) an international wedding video studio (cinematographer)

Google (Pie Shop) (2017-), creator of collaborative installations within Google (cinematographer) 

Maggie Marguerite (2018-), event photography and video/video production studio (cinematographer) 

The Hardest Working Man (post production), short film (writer, producer, director, cinematographer, editor) 

Shelf Life (2018), feature film (cinematographer) 

Out to Dry (2017), short film (producer, director) 

Barista (2015), short film (writer, producer, director, editor)

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse with Rick & Ed (2015), web series (producer, director, cinematographer, editor)

To Climb a Gold Mountain (2015), feature film (cinematographer) 

The Essential Ellen Willis (2014), book trailer (producer, director, cinematographer, editor)

Skateboarding is Transportation, Too (2014), video journalism (CityLab) (writer, producer, director, cinematographer, editor)

What Say You (2013), music video (producer, director, cinematographer, editor)

Redrum (2013), TV Series (camera assistant)

The Children’s Portrait Project (2013) promo (writer, producer, director, cinematographer, editor) 

I Beat Mike Tyson (2012), short film (camera assistant) 

Don’t Be Alarmed (2012), music video (producer, director, cinematographer, editor)

The Other Half of Tomorrow (2012), TV Series (assistant editor)

The High Low Project (Oct 2011-Aug 2012), TV series (production assistant)

SeeThink Films (Feb 2011-May 2012) indy production company (intern – significant duties included research, development and editing)

King Kelly (2011), feature film (production assistant, actor)

Out of the Vinyl Deeps (2011), book trailer (writer, producer, director, cinematographer, editor)

Skyjack (2011), book trailer (editor)



Sony camera systems

Canon camera systems

Adobe Creative Suite



Columbia College Chicago, bachelor of arts in film & video, 2011

William Rainey Harper College, associate in liberal arts, 2008