the letter


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short film (post production)

The Letter

The Letter follows Ellie, the president of an entrenched social club at a distinguished university, as she wrestles with real consequences: she has been expelled from the school, taking the fall for certain delinquent actions of a few fellow club members. Set essentially in real-time during her club’s Christmas party, the same day she’s received the news, the film follows Ellie as she grapples with her own deteriorating mental state—at the same time as she deals with a rocky come-up to an MDMA high. We watch her go from a bottled-up, irritable mess to a true agent of chaos, in a manner equal parts sad and delightful, and navigate a fascinating world of hormones and id meeting institutional old money. And having gotten used to the presidential power she’s wielded, she decides to end the party on her own terms.

writer/producer/director - Alex Cohen

producers - Tiffany Fisher Love, Jacob Quesenbury, Stephanie Ferrarie, Julianna Aucoin

cinematographer - Aaron Cassara

production designer - Daniel Prosky